Web sites redesigned for easier navigation

Life is an evolutionary process. In that respect, web marketing reflects life.

After spending many hours putting up not one, but four, Web sites, it finally dawned on the Web master that navigating them wasn't very shopper-friendly.

So now, two of them, and , have been reorganized for more convenient shopping.

For the jewelry site, we have organized pages by category and listed the menu so that people seeking bracelets can find the pages they are on and only visit those pages if that is their preference. The same is true for people seeking necklaces, earrings, pendants and pin/pendants.

Within this structure, we also created pages that feature the works of one of our favorite Navajo artists, Calvin Begay. So that fans of this phenomenal inlay artist and jewelry designer can go directly to pages that have his versions of the above jewelry items.

The results have been gratifying already with significantly more "conversion". That's a trade talk word for people who visit the site and actually buy something.

Today, phase two was completed with the posting of the newly reorganized pottery site. Now each tribe's potters are represented on their own pages, within the bounds of available work. Looking for Navajo pottery? Visit the Navajo page. Looking for Hopi pottery? It has it's own page too. Some Pueblos, whose work has recently been reduced by sales activity, must share their pieces with other Pueblos. For example, Acoma and Isleta. Another example is a single page shared by and devoted to the work of Wayne Snowbird (Santa Clara) and Andrew Rodriquez (Laguna).

Since the dealers day is never done - hence, the scarcity of these blogs - it now is time to photograph and post some new arrivals. In the meantime, Valentine's Day is just around the weekend and we can still ship to someone you love. Why not pay us a visit?