Look for us in Native Peoples

Aboriginals is a regular advertiser in a Native Peoples magazine. We run a quarter-page, normally towards the back of the magazine, featuring one or more pieces that are particularly interesting. This month, we featured a hawk fetish carving by Salvador Romero, our Cochiti carver friend. The January/December ad will display three pieces of attractive Native American jewelry: a necklace with pendant by Rodney Coriz, Santo Domingo, a pin/pendant by Rolanda Haloo, Zuni and an eagle pendant necklace by Herman Vandever, Navajo.

Items that are featured in our ads tend to be sold shortly after they appear. That's what happened to Salvador's hawk carving. If any of these pieces strikes your fancy, you might want to get your order in before the ad appears. To get a closer look at each piece, click on the links above.