It’s Not Too Late

Watching TV the other night I saw a woman offer a solution for people who are too late to order and have their gift shipped in time for Christmas arrival.

She suggested an e-mail gift certificate.

“Oh m’gosh,” I thought, “we really are on the cutting edge.”

We have been offering email gift certificates for more than a year.

Here’s how it works. You call us at 800-305-0185 and we discuss the item you want the gift certificate for (or the amount of purchase money you want to give).

We then prepare a personalized gift certificate that we email to you or the person you want to receive the gift.

They contact us after Christmas and we arrange shipment of the item or we work out what they want to purchase with the gift certificate.

Since it is email, it goes out without postal or weather delays.

We will schedule it to arrive on Christmas Eve or earlier if you desire.

It certainly is the 21st Century answer for people, such as me, who postpone Christmas gift shopping until the last minute.

Happy Holidays to all.