Keep your eyes open for stolen art

From time to time, tribal art gets stolen, shoplifted or burgled from galleries and private homes.

When this happens, savvy owners/victims know to report their losses to the Antique Tribal Art Dealers Association Theft Alert pages.

Once pictures are posted to the ATADA site, all potential buyers are put on notice that these are stolen items. If they are spotted in a gallery or in private home, the authorities should be notified so that the art can be confiscated and returned to its true owner.

We understand that one's passion for the art can lead to overwhelming temptation. Or that the items may represent a cash opportunity for criminals. We do not condone taking what does not belong to you and we think it is good that stolen art becomes difficult to show or sell when the public can identify the items as stolen.

To look at what currently is being displayed at the site, go to this link.