American Indian Art Magazine - Back copies

By William Waites
American Indian Art Magazine is one of the most respected, comprehensive and scholarly to cover the field of Native American Art. Back copies of this publication become collectors' items and treasured in public libraries.

We have a number of them available for purchase at our Tribalworks web site. We also have added two copies that were previously available from us. The summer 1996 issue, featuring Kiowa ledger drawings, and the Winter 1995 issue, celebrating 20 years, with a photo of Maria Martinez reading American Indian Art as a cover subject.We have plenty of others, including some duplicates, for as little as $6.50. That's just $1.50 over the cover the price at time of publication. For an out of print back copy.

Take a look. There may be an issue you missed and would like to have now.

By the way, we have a pair of framed rabbit skins that have been illustrated with ledger style art work. They are stunning, unique and 30% off through the end of April.