Soon you can fly to Santa Fe Indian Market

It may be a while before you can get directly to Santa Fe via long range carrier. Probably not in time for this year's Indian Market.

But the Santa Fe New Mexican reports that the FAA has certified the Santa Fe airport to handle larger planes.

Up till now, there has been a 30-passenger restriction on aircraft flying into Santa Fe airport. As a result, most commercial flights into Santa Fe were commuter airlines, principally connecting from Albuquerque and Denver.

Of course, local residents have objected to the certification on the basis that planes flying over their homes are noisy. On the other hand, a survey of 31 major economic influences in the region showed an overall positive response to upgrading the airport.

A few years ago, my son, Randy Waites, was involved with a car rental firm at Santa Fe airport and had to contend with the limitations on service.

Who knows? In a year or two, flights into Santa Fe for Indian Market and other events may be coming from more distant points, eliminating the need to connect through Albuquerque and Denver.