New Calvin Begay Native American Indian jewelry posted

Back from Santa Fe for a week and we finally are getting some of our new acquisitions posted to the web site at Native-JewelryLink.

First up is a ton of bracelets, pendants, necklaces and earrings by noted Navajo jewelry maker Calvin Begay.

We met with Calvin in our hotel room in Gallup after running into him in Santa Fe. Normally, we would meet with him at A Touch of Santa Fe, his [former] company in Gallup. In Santa Fe, however, he told us he has parted company with TSF and now is operating on his own.

This means that any Calvin piece sourced from TSF should be very closely inspected. Is it signed by Calvin? Some residual designs (even those not signed by Calvin) still are coming through. But anything being offered from TSF hereafter may not be Calvin's work. That doesn't make it inferior. It just isn't Calvin's work, if that is what you want. Look very closely at the quality of the inlay and channel work.

We guarantee that any piece we sell as Calvin's is Calvin's and has either been acquired directly from him or certified by him as his work. Any purchaser who determines that a Calvin Begay piece he or she has purchased from us is not - in fact - a Calvin Begay piece, will receive a complete purchase price refund if he or she returns the item to us and lets us know within 10 days of receipt that he or she is doing so. We will even cover the return shipping under those circumstances.

Now, here are some samples of what you will find on Native-JewelryLink's Begay pages.Sterling silver horse pendant with inlaid turquoise, tiger eye, jasper, mother of pearl and
opal by Calvin Begay, Native American Navajo Indian jewelry maker

Sterling silver bear pendant with inlaid turquoise, shell, lapis and opal, reversing
to an etched silver scene on the back side, (see below) by Calvin Begay, master
Native American Indian jewelry maker from the Navajo Nation.

Sterling silver lizard pendant in a circular pattern with inlay of various turquoise varieties,
by Calvin Begay, Navajo Native American Indian jewelry maker

Kokopelli pendant in sterling silver with inlay of turquoise, shell, lapis and opal,
by Calvin Begay, Navajo Native American Indian jewelry designer.

Many more examples are available at the Native-JewelryLink website. Enter the search word "Begay" in the search field or scroll to the bottom of the page where the Begay pages are highlighted in green.