Sad News - Navajo Code Talker Passes

We received news that Navajo Code Talker Jerry C. Begay Sr. died Memorial Day, May 26, 2008. Begay was 83.

As a Code Talker, Begay was among the approximately 400 men who served
with the US Marine Corps in the Pacific during World War II. Begay served in the 2nd Marine Division, 297th Platoon.

He received both a Purple Heart and a Congressional Silver Medal of Honor.
Navajo Code Talkers on Parade as
carved by Navajo Folk Artist, Renzo Reed
Code Talkers were employed by the US combat forces to communicate with one another via the radio in the heat of battle. By speaking their native Navajo language, they befuddled the Japanese who were listening into radio transmissions with the intention of breaking the American's code.

Post war comments from captured Japanese radiooperators indicated that the ploy was successful.

We salute the service of Jerry C. Begay Sr and all other patriotic American Navajo Code Talkers who were instrumental in our winning in the Pacific Theater.

Thank you, Jerry. Thank you all.