ZuniLink offers free shipping to military addresses ( ) announces a special offer to people who want to send healing and protective holiday gifts to friends and loved ones in the military.

We will ship gifts of Zuni fetish carvings to any military address at no charge. Also included are shipments to domestic addresses of members of the armed services.

“We think it is especially appropriate at this time of giving and gratitude to offer this free service. As collectors of Zuni fetishes know, they are considered by Native Americans to possess special powers of protection and healing.

“Whether or not the recipient shares Zuni beliefs in special powers, the fact of the gift manifests a material wish for good health, protection and power to the person receiving it. We are happy to pay our thanks to those who guard the ramparts by offering free shipping.”

More information about the offer and the special qualities of Zuni fetish carvings can be found at the ZuniLink website ( )


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