Vintage Seminole doll collection in Seminole basket

We have long carried Seminole dolls on our web site at Slowly that collection has wound down to a handful. All are fewer than 20 years old.

Recently, a collection of smaller, hand-made Seminole dolls came into our possession. The source we acquired them from, John Isaacs of Albuquerque, was unable to be precise about the dates of origin, but he felt they were rather old. We agree. Probably done in the 1980s. While not antique, that's a respectable age for this kind of object.

Actually, we should say, "these kinds" of objects, since there are seven of them. They range in size from 3" high to 8" high. The bonus is that they came into our house in a Seminole sweetgrass basket, with doll's head attached to the lid.

We acquired the set, a sort of seven sisters of the swamp, for our personal collection. Since almost everything we offer to other collectors was originally purchased for our collection, it would not be out of character to offer this charming sisterhood to another buyer.

We have priced the set at $325. But ask us about it if you are interested. We might have some wiggle room in there.


All the best of the holiday season to you and all those you love, from William Ernest Waites, Susanne Waites and our web site friends at ZuniLink, Native-JewelryLink and Native-PotteryLink.

May peace descend on your home and family with each setting sun.