Tribal Art - Investing in beauty and life enrichment

According to an arts and antiques newsletter, the economy is having a peculiar effect on art and collectible purchases.

To quote, "The Finer Things", a fine art gallery in New York and Cincinnati, "has seen requests for quality antiques, fine art and jewelry increase ten-fold in the past few months."

It seems that when 401Ks and retirement/investment funds based in securities go south, investors look for items of solid, three-dimensional value.

I am not very surprised. At the very least, a treasured object is something you can look at, enjoy and have enrich life even if the value doesn't go up.

(Incidentally, we always encourage buyers not to buy for investment. Art and collectibles are highly undependable as potential investments. They can just as easily go down in monetary value as appreciate. Buy out of love and a desire to have an object in you life. Those are experiences you can't discount. They will last forever.)

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