Heart of hearts. Navajo jewelry pendants.

It's been a while since we shared our adventures in Native American jewelry so we doing so in this blog. Of course, you can always visit our web site to see the whole enchilada of beautiful bracelets, necklaces, earrings, pins and pendants by our cherished Native American jewelry artists.

One of our proudest moments in the search for quality Native American art and jewelry, was our discovery many years ago of Calvin Begay, a superb Navajo jewelry artist. When we found him, his atelier was at Touch of Santa Fe, a workshop in Gallup, NM.

After a falling out with the owners of that studio, Calvin moved on and we have followed him. That is easier to say than do, since Calvin seems to keep moving.

Fortunately he also keeps creating beautiful pieces of Navajo inlay. We decided to feature his heart pendants as a natural subject for this
Valentines Day season of love.

An album of them has been posted to Facebook for the world to see (and, we hope, purchase.)

Just follow this link.

And happy Valentine's Day yourself.

PS: We will ship any item of Native American jewelry free for Valentines Day. Be sure to order while there still is time. We are figuring priority mail will get it to any domestic address on time if we ship by February 9. Express mail will get there faster. If you choose that option, we will only charge for the difference between priority and overnight.