After our delicious dinner Friday night at Mama D's in Newport Beach, we traveled just a few minutes down the road to Memphis Cafe & Bar in Costa Mesa to meet up with Steph for drinks to celebrate her 30th. (This was her pre b-day celebration. She headed to L.A. the next day to REALLY celebrate @ Drai's.) We had SO much fun here. Memphis has a really relaxed atmosphere with a dj spinning a combo of hip hop and house music, a mellow bar scene, and a good mix of patrons. (Reminds me a lot of the Blue Cue here in Sacramento, which used to be one of my favorite bars in Sactown when I was a single lady.) Bottom line, Memphis is a cool place! (Obviously, because we were having such a good time that I forgot to get any pics w/Steph. Insert sad face!)

* Memphis is a cafe that serves southern inspired food and later turns down to a bar. (They remove all the tables and chairs to clear out space for people to dance and mingle.)