August 9, 2006 - On the road

We hadn’t even left home before we had a crash. No, not the automotive kind.

Our main business computer decided to crash at about 10 pm on Monday night, just as we were packing to leave. A quick fix was not possible. So our databases are sitting in limbo. We won’t know what can be salvaged until we return.

Fortunately, thank heavens for back up files and back-up computers. Most of the files also were loaded onto the laptop – on which I am now composing – and have since been downloaded to memory sticks for safe storage and eventual transfer back to the main computer.

Anyway, despite the dysfunctioning computer, we departed on time Tuesday morning. The ride was eventful only because of our concern that Taos was comfortable. Each stop led to a redistribution of our cargo to make more space for her. In some ways, although she seems to be traveling well, she is more ocnern than a child. We can’t know for sure if she is content or not. Her appetite seems to have been affected by the stress (or unusual quality of long stretches in the car.)

Our first day was a 10-hour drive with an overnight stop at a pet-friendly motel in Mobile. Thanks to take your pet along for guidance and a directory of such places along the way. When we harvested email last night, there were two messages of special interest. One was from a person who is looking for a piece by Kathleen Wall of Santa Clara. We were able to tell her we will look to see what is available from Kathleen while in Santa Fe. And on our trip to visit our friends at Santa Clara Pueblo. This reminded us that we can do the same for anyone who is looking for something special. Just let us know by email to

The seocond was a reminder that the 22nd Annual Mountain Man Fair and Rendezvous takes place at the Palace of the Governors in Santa Fe. It starts August 9 and runs through August 13. The notice included a word we had never heard before, “foofaraw”. We’re not sure what it means but we will check it out while we are in “The City Different.” And will report on all the “foofaraw.”

Thanks for stopping by. More to come to morrow. Hasta then.