Wilson Romero’s Nativities

This afternoon we visited our friend, Wilson Romero on the Cochiti Pueblo. We were surprised to learn that he had some newly carved nativity sets. Wilson tells that he has had the opportunity to carve in more detail since his retirement from Pueblo business. These sets show it. Each is extremely evocative and includes a full panoply of adorers.
(Above) Three wisemen in sandstone stand watch as Mary kneels in prayer and Joseph stands at her side. Adoring creatures include an antler sheep, two small bears, three rabbits, a cow, a horse a white buffalo, another bear and a mountain lion. Perched on an overlooking rock are an owl and eagle.
(Above) This set includes three wisemen, Joseph, Mary assorted creatures such as a sheep carved from antler, an owl, two small rabbits and one larger one, a horse, two bears, a buffalo and a mountain lion.

Wilson and Annette, his wife, are two of the nicest people we know in the field of Native American art. They are always hospitable and gracious. It always is a pleasure to see them and their art.

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