JOYFUL EASE OF A CATNAPPING.  Introducing new family member Tao. Thanks to Linda and her family who fostered him since he was five weeks old. At three months, you can see how Tao compares to a standard geological field scale with centimeters represented by the squares. So, he is approximately 20 centimeters long in this joyous and easeful pose. (photo by Chiboogamoo)
#REVERB11 (December 19) PROMPT: JOY. What does a joyful life look like for you? (Carolyn Rubenstein, from A Beautiful Ripple Effect)

RESTING and DREAMING equals JOY. Unselfconscious robust rest is a philosophy I practice so as to delve into my dreamy creative state frequently. 
IMPLEMENTING LESSONS of  EASE from FELINES.  I suggest everyone live with cats and observe their frequent persistent napping. The feline form is languid, and the quadruped lolls as if not a muscle existed in their frames. We human bipeds, well, we might mimic this behavior in our daily endeavors and see how joyful life can be sans stress resulting from effort.


PILGRIMS! Hallelujah for wedding anniversaries and cats! There is great JOY to be found in both! Yesterday as Chiboogamoo's anniversary gift to me, we travelled 38 miles away from our Decatur home to lay "claim" to a young Siamese kitten in Peachtree City, Georgia, that I had seen advertised on Craigslist. This 3-month old feline had been in the care of a wondrous loving woman named Linda since he was 5 weeks old.

Deciding to LIVE LIFE WITH THE JOYFUL EASE OF A CATNAPPING was the impetus for beginning this blog in September 2009 (see At the Center of the Star, my first blog entry). The daily quest in my PILGRIMAGE to make art every day no matter what relies upon the practice of being "joyous" and working with "ease." Every day, I repeat the mantra, "Not good, not bad, just is." 

The way to live a JOYOUS life is to CREATE. In the act of CREATION, we are BEING, MOVING, and DISCOVERING. Living life in this manner is challenging, hence the need to practice doing it with the languorous ease of a cat napping, suspending judgment and working from our dreams!

In November, I lost my boon feline companion and role model for easeful joyous living (see this blog and this blog). My home with Chiboogamoo became barren and lacking in JOY...until yesterday with the homecoming of Tao!

NEW ROLE MODEL FOR JOYFUL LIVING WITH THE EASE OF A CAT NAPPING.  What a great anniversary gift! Tao is already exhibiting joyous behaviors. Thanks Chiboogamoo! (photo by Chiboogamoo)
DEDICATION.  This blog entry is dedicated to Misha, beloved companion of 17 years. You are missed and will never be replaced. We honor you in the presence of our new feline, who had to be a Siamese because of what you taught us about the complete and utter devotion of this breed to its human companions. 

FELINE ASSISTANT. On his first morning with us, our new kitty insisted on being at my Chiboogamoo's side as he worked on his next blog entry for his website,  Life Traces of the Georgia Coast. (photo by Hallelujah Truth)