Lynn & Jayne Quam favorites

We have yet to meet a Zuni carver for which we don't have the highest respect and admiration. Lynn & Jayne Quam, however, are among our favorites. Lynn is Zuni and Jayne, his wife, is Navajo/Zuni by virtue of marriage. They live on the Zuni Pueblo and have had us into their home on several occasions.

Lynn is well-known for his buffalos, although he also does inspired bears as well. Here's one of his latest buffalo carvings, in mother of pearl. If you click on the thumbnail here, you will go to a larger photo, with dimensions, price and a link back to his page to see more of his outstanding work.

Jayne is equally well-known for her wolf and fox pairs and family carvings. Here is one of her latest.
Again, click on the thumbnail photo to go to a larger picture with dimensions and pricing. We get many request for her pairs from people who want to give them as unique gifts to couples who are getting married or are expecting a family addition.

Lynn and Jayne are proof that you can be very talented and very nice too.

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