Three vintage Native American pots go to new homes.

Aboriginals Gallery recently sold three pots featured on its site to collectors of vintage Native American pottery.

One of them was a canteen-style, corrugated-finish by pot by the late Stella Shutiva of Acoma Pueblo. A second one was a nice older olla by Nambe artist, Lonnie Vigil.

The third was a past Indian Market prize winner by Christine McHorse, Navajo.

Each of these vintage pots was available at a bargain price simply because we acquired them several years ago and never raised the selling price to replacement value.

Stella Shutiva is deceased. Lonnie Vigil’s reputation has grown over the years so that his work now earns much higher prices than we paid a few years ago. Christine McHorse has abandoned making pottery in favor of creating bronzes.

If you are so inclined, give the site a look-over for some vintage treasure at prices from the past that may be waiting there for you.


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