Why are they saying those things about us…

Well aware that the World Wide Web is populated by people who are not as reputable as we are, and most who are, we thought you might take some reassurance from some of the things people who have done business with us have said about us.

“Terrific item shipped promptly and carefully packed. Well done!”

“Item well presented, service was quick and pleasant.”

“Item was better than picture and service was quick and pleasant.”

“Carefully packaged and quickly shipped. Thank you.”

“Thanks for this beautiful piece of history! Fast shipping. VERY NICE sellers!”

“Adorable items. Hope to buy from you again.”

“Outstanding service and product”

“It’s beautiful. Thanks much.”

“Beautiful merchandise, safely pkgd, fast delivery, couldn’t ask for better.”

“Superb! Even better than expected and really fast safe service! Top Notch!"

If these sound like eBay feedback comments, they are. Yes. We also have an eBay store at Art of the First Person. We use it either for items that don’t fit in our regular categories or to give people, who might not otherwise find our web sites, a sample of our offerings and service. Within the limitations of eBay, we include links back to our web sites at,, and

Anyway. These are honest-to-goodness comments about the way we do business. You can check them out for yourself by visiting the eBay store. You will also see that we have a 100% positive score as an eBay player, which we have been since 1998.

None of the above is to brag – although we are proud of our record and performance. We offer it simply to reinforce what most of readers already know. You can count on us.